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McCormick’s Purpose-led Performance strategy outlines our approach to sustainability oversight, management, performance, integration into business strategy and reporting. Our Purpose-led Performance reports provide an annual update on progress towards our commitments.

Areas of Focus

The Purpose-led Performance report outlines our efforts and performance related to sustainability under our three PLP focus areas: People, Communities and Planet. Topics reported under these areas are driven by our materiality assessment. As part of our annual reporting process, McCormick maps its sustainability performance with widely-used sustainability reporting frameworks including TCFD, SASB, GRI and the UN SDGs.

Additionally, the report provides insights and updates on our formal commitments, which contribute to a sustainable future through global citizenship and responsible business. We employ key performance indicators and comparisons to previous years’ performance to demonstrate McCormick’s ongoing efforts to build a sustainable future and create long-term, sustainable value for our employees, customers, consumers, suppliers, business partners and shareholders.



McCormick believes in the Power of People. For over 130 years, the Company’s people-first culture has worked to ensure all employees feel valued and respected. We prioritize employee wellbeing and continue to progress against our diversity, equity and inclusion goals. 

We also prioritize transparency, empowering the millions of people who trust and enjoy our products every day, to make better, more informed choices. Additionally, the safety and quality of our products is paramount, and we are committed to product integrity through designing quality into every product. When we nourish the people who touch our business, we thrive.

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McCormick’s commitment to doing what is right extends from individuals to entire communities, including those we serve and where we source. McCormick has long worked to steadily build resilience and improve livelihoods in the farming communities where our ingredients are grown, as evidenced by continued progress against our smallholder farmer resilience goal and a wide range of globe-spanning initiatives. We continue to advance our human rights and labor practices, and increase our donations to community-lifting charitable causes.

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McCormick’s commitments to people and communities naturally and necessarily extend to the planet we all share, starting in our supply chain, continuing throughout our operations and going beyond our organization. For example, we created Grown for Good, which promotes community resilience, social and ethical practices for workers in our suppliers’ factories, farmer resilience to climate change, biodiversity and regenerative farming practices. 

Our Planet-driven approach addresses climate change with numerous initiatives underway across our organization, such as raising our ambitions with 1.5℃-aligned targets and commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2050 in support of the UN Global Compact Action Platform.

Leading the Industry with Purpose

Our Purpose is “To Stand Together for The Future of Flavor,” and we envision a World United by Flavor–where healthy, sustainable and delicious go hand-in-hand. We are focused on the needs of all our stakeholders, growing long-term value for both our business and positively impacting the world. Formally launched in 2017, McCormick’s Purpose-led Performance approach is embedded throughout our organization and operations around the globe. Our approach, paired with our global product portfolio, continues to differentiate McCormick and sustainably position us for long-term growth as our PLP strategy matures, extends its impact and enhances our ability to deliver a more flavorful, healthier future.

McCormick is a founding member of the American Spice Trade Association (“ASTA”), which represents the U.S. spice industry in the global market. The highest priority of ASTA and our members is ensuring the supply of pure, safe spices to American consumers. Overall, ASTA creates value through the execution of a dynamic strategic plan built to deliver on goals of advocacy, food safety and collaboration in a pre-competitive environment. 

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Market Leader in Herbs and Spices

As the market leader in herbs and spices, McCormick is an active leader at ASTA, seeking to drive industry-wide excellence in compliance, safety and sustainability. Our engagement enables McCormick to collaborate with industry peers, governmental agencies and other parties to influence public policy and regulations in the U.S. and around the world.