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Parsley - Flavor Forecast

The Future of Flavor

At McCormick we love to identify emerging culinary trends. Since 2000, our signature Flavor Forecast has pinpointed top trends and flavors—from those on the verge of widespread appeal to subtle undercurrents just beginning to materialize.

Flavor Forecast 2024

The Search for the Next Big Taste

Chefs, expert culinary professionals, sensory scientists, dietitians, trend trackers, marketing experts and food technologists from across the globe are sent on a year-long quest for the future of flavor. The result? A clear, compelling look at what's next that sparks flavor innovation and discovery for years to come

Taste Tomorrow’s Favorite Flavors

Our Flavor Forecasts give our partners—from food manufacturers to food service companies—opportunities to be first to market with innovative flavors. Since we began formally forecasting in 2000, we’ve helped move a host of trends and ingredients from obscurity to a popular place in top retail brands and restaurant menus.

Flavor Forecast 2024 Flavor of the Year Tamarindfullbleed

Flavor Forecast

Learn how McCormick tracks the flavor trends of the future using our flavor innovation.

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