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Panel with microphones- brand assets

A guide to the McCormick brand

McCormick maintains a media library of graphics, photography, and presentations that may be used by the media, educators, and students.


Using McCormick Media

Materials are for editorial use by press services, journalists, or students in connection with broadcast media and newspapers, news magazines, trade publications, Internet news services, or educational projects about McCormick. Any other use of these materials is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances can these materials be used for personal or commercial purposes, and they remain the property of McCormick & Company, Inc.

For any questions about the use of these materials, please contact Lori Robinson, Chief Communications Officer, at

For all asset inquiries and questions, please contact Corporate Communications at

McCormick & Company Brand Assets; McCormick Corporate Press Room; McCormick photos; McCormick Corporate logofullbleed

McCormick Brand Assets

Here you'll find links to download the corporate logo, photos and video of McCormick products, the Global Headquarters, and more.


Logo Terms and Conditions

McCormick is pleased that the media considers us a definitive resource for information on flavor, food production, and sustainable agricultural practices. However we require that the McCormick logo, any other brand or business logo appearing on this or on related websites, and any media library content not be used in any manner that implies McCormick sponsorship or endorsement of any product, service, or Internet site.

Subject to the limitations above, the Company logo is available for use both in color and grayscale. Only the McCormick corporate logos appear on this site. Any other brand or business logo will reside on its individual website. All logos on this and all Company websites remain the property of McCormick & Company, Inc.

All media resources available here are the property of McCormick & Company, Incorporated. The company grants you the limited right to use these materials under the conditions listed below.

Guidelines for Logo Usage


  • Use the correct trademark symbol (® or ™) at the first or principal use of our logo.
  • Use the logo only as part of or in close proximity to a published news/feature article, Internet news account, or school project or within a broadcast news story concerning McCormick.


  • Copy or distribute the logos beyond those uses described above or provide to others for any use.
  • Modify or alter in any way the logo structure, design, or colors. The logo cannot be combined with other images, distorted, animated, or fragmented.