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Purpose-led Performance Governance

McCormick fully recognizes the importance governance and oversight have in driving our Purpose-led Performance and broader business strategy forward. With Purpose-led Performance embedded in all aspects of our organization and business practices, we have dedicated teams who represent our day-to-day governance of People, Communities and Planet.

Governance and Approach

PLP Governing Council

The PLP Governing Council is a senior leadership steering committee with direct responsibility for ESG issues, including establishing a clear program roadmap of initiatives that will deliver our 2025 commitments, ensuring there is strong commercial pull for key program initiatives, overseeing delivery of the initiatives and therefore the whole program, and establishing a clear, regular reporting structure and cadence.

Governing council

PLP Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is responsible for providing guidance and direction from the PLP Governing Council, regularly tracking progress on the PLP goals, identifying key risks to progress, and proposing recommendations that address gaps in progress. Includes functional leads accountable for goals.

ESG Reporting Review Committee

ESG Reporting Review Committee is the oversight committee responsible for certifying completeness and accuracy of all external reporting including ESG reporting oversight.