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Inclusion at McCormick

Part of our Purpose-led Performance mission centers around providing our people with the tools and resources they need to feel validated, supported and welcomed. McCormick is committed to a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture, and building that culture in ways that bring tangible, positive outcomes for our employees and partners all over the world. Simply put, we are fostering diversity, equity and inclusion holistically throughout our business.

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Celebrating Diversity

As a global flavor company, we are in pursuit of authentic and rich experiences. This starts with enabling people to bring their whole selves to work to share what inspires them. The unique perspectives our employees bring to every part of our business is invaluable and irreplaceable. In 2022, McCormick was recognized for our commitment to our employees on DiversityInc’s 2022 Top 50 list of Companies for Diversity for the sixth year in a row.


Our nine Employee Ambassador Groups (EAGs) provide an opportunity for all employees at every level of the Company to join as members and/or actively participate in learning workshops and cultural activities in an open environment. These groups provide a supportive, collaborative space for employees to come together to promote inclusion, strengthen communities, learn new skills, advance in the workplace and network with colleagues across the Company.


Our EAGs include the Black Employee Ambassadors at McCormick (BEAM), Abled and Disabled Associates Partnering Together (ADAPT), Asian Diversity Group (ADG), Seasoned Ambassador Group of Experience (SAGE), Sabor Latino (SaLa), PRISM (a group for LGBTQ+ employees or allies), U.S. Veterans, McCormick Young Professionals (McYP) and Women's International Network (WIN). Each of these EAGs act as an integral part of our culture. 


For example, the U.S. Veterans’ Employee Ambassador Group has been critical in helping McCormick build an external presence as a military-friendly employer at a national level in the U.S. This group has worked very closely with the Talent Acquisition team to help attract veterans to the Company, as well an onboard new hires who are military veterans. The group annually has played a role in awarding scholarship dollars to students at the various military academies.

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Cultivating Inclusivity

McCormick is committed to creating and fostering inclusive workplaces and cultures in its operations around the world. This Social Issues Committee has come together during times of tension and unease to reaffirm our commitments to our people, from signing an agreement to stand with the Asian and Black communities against hate to supporting Marriage Equality. 

Notably, McCormick took a stand against systemic racism, committed to supporting our Black employees, and continues making a difference in the communities where we live and work.

  • Signed the Ascend Compact with 100+ other companies to address racial bias by making charitable donations and honoring the commitments we have made in Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Donated an additional $500,000 to organizations nominated by employees to combat racial injustice and/or provide critical food, healthcare or other essential services to Black Communities impacted by police brutality.
  • Affirmed our publicly stated diversity goals of 30% for ethnically diverse talent in the U.S. and renewed leadership accountability to these goals. This means undertaking a comprehensive review of our talent pipeline and turnover statistics to better take advantage of opportunities to attract and develop ethnically diverse talent and understand attrition.
  • Renewed our commitment to require Talent Acquisition and hiring managers to have ethnically diverse slates for all positions posted internally and externally, and ensure we hold leaders accountable throughout the organization.
  • Accelerated Unconscious Bias awareness training and other diversity and inclusion programs for leaders and employees across the entire organization.
  • Evaluated our existing learning and development programs for ethnically diverse talent in the U.S. to ensure equal access to include sponsorship and mentoring initiatives.

Building Equity

We are constantly evaluating our programs with equity in mind, evolving to meet the needs of today’s workforce.


Our belief in the Power of People enables us to create programs that empower women. We launched a pilot program in EMEA specifically focused on developing Women in Supply Chain by providing specific training, coaching, mentoring and sponsorship opportunities with increased visibility for our women leaders. We intend to expand the program to other regions and link members of this group to other external professional associations and their activities.


McCormick has continued to partner with the National Association of Manufacturing (NAM) on the Women's MAKE Awards to recognize, highlight and develop women. The Company has also been working with Women in Manufacturing to deliver access to workshops and programs specifically for early career and middle management women. Additionally, we have established new external partnerships with organizations like the Women’s Food Services Forum (WFF) and LEAD UK to increase the development of senior level women and hire more top females.

Ensuring Pay Equity

pay equity chart

We remain committed to our pay equity work and increasing transparency around this topic. Pay analysis shows that when controlling for grade representation in management and professional populations, women globally earn 98 cents on the dollar. In the U.S., that number is 97 cents on the dollar, and in some countries, the number is higher than one dollar. When analyzing metrics for ethnicity, within the U.S., ethnically diverse talent earns more than one dollar. We’re committed to regular reviews of pay levels and pay equity to ensure that our processes and procedures are working as intended and are consistent across geographies.