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Parsley- Science and research

A Passion for Flavor

McCormick’s passion for research and development drives product development, assists chefs in creating new dishes and helps consumers expand their palates.

The Science of Flavor and Emotion

We come up with custom marketing solutions and flavor insights that lead to memorable eating experiences and distinctive product preferences. Our key ingredient for success: deep consumer and category knowledge of the complete global restaurant and food market.

Our researchers and scientists are always sharing their passion for flavor with the world. Global food companies are hungry for insights, and we oblige with resources from published research to our EsSense Profile®—a scientific measurement of the emotional human response to flavor.

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Investing in the Science of Healthy Eating

The McCormick Science Institute sponsors health studies at leading universities and research institutions that examine the effects of spices. MSI has also funded 43 clinical trials and run a world-renowned scientific advisory council.

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A Taste for Knowledge

We have more than 400 food scientists in 20 Technical Innovation Centers around the world. Our researchers help us expand flavor lines and create new ones through research, creation, and testing, focusing on consumer behavior and taste preferences.

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Co-creating Flavors with the Experts

Our proprietary process, CreateIT®, expands our product development into the consumer world. It helps us study our clients’ brand, product category and consumer thought process, resulting in better flavor ideas and faster speed to market.

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The Future of Flavor Development

McCormick is ushering in a new era of flavor innovation with the use of AI for enhanced development of new products and flavors. SAGE, a proprietary AI technology, uses multiple algorithms to mimic a product developers' approach to creating new products. The power of SAGE comes from utilizing AI technology to extract key insights from hundreds of millions of data points across the areas of new product formulation, sensory science, consumer preference, flavor chemistry and more.

The people behind the flavor

We employ a variety of food and flavor experts to help us develop insights and share our innovations: trend-trackers, research chefs, flavor technologists, sensory scientists, food engineers and natural product chemists. These experts are leaders in their fields and are the sources home cooks, professional chefs, and food brands turn to for flavor and culinary inspiration.

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