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Our Commitment to People

We believe in the Power of People. Our shared values and commitment to each other help us bring global flavors and perspectives to life.

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McCormick’s people-first culture has helped all employees feel valued and respected as we work to impact thousands of lives every day for the better–from providing healthy and nutritious products to consumers around the world to actively listening and supporting the needs of our global teams. 

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at McCormick

We’re championing a diverse and inclusive culture by building strong networks to uplift each other. We’re proud to be a place where all people can thrive. As a global flavor company, we’re in pursuit of authentic and rich experiences. That’s why we empower people to bring their whole selves to work to share what inspires them.

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As reflected in our 2021 Purpose-led Performance Report, we’ve made measurable progress towards our overall diversity, equity and inclusion goals. Most notably, we’ve made strides for women and ethnically diverse talent in leadership. Additionally, to reflect a more holistic approach to employee success and wellbeing at McCormick, we’ve added equity to our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy.




Meet our Newest EAG: ADAPT

McCormick is proud to support nine Employee Ambassador Groups (EAGs). In 2021, we launched Abled and Disabled Associates Partnering Together (ADAPT), a group that supports employees who have visible and nonvisible disabilities as well as the caregivers of those with disabilities.

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Supporting Our Employees

We support employees throughout their McCormick careers by providing several professional growth programs and critical benefits designed to empower our global teams. We offer continuing leadership programs like our U.S. Ignite Program for ethnically diverse talent, as well as the Global Women’s Ignite program, both of which provide colleagues the opportunity to connect with each other while also giving them the tools needed to own their careers.

We also knew our employees’ needs were varied and valid throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, so we worked closely with our people and implemented continuous listening programs that let us understand and adapt to their needs while keeping our business operating with the fewest disruptions possible. Our work here is never done, so we leverage our annual employee engagement survey, VIBE, to generate new insights that drive action and improve results across our business.

McCormick Employee in PPE

Health and Safety For All

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of our employees was our top priority. At McCormick, we know we have a special responsibility to ensure our employees are protected and feel supported through times of uncertainty. We believe that an environment free of risks and hazards drives our forward-looking and mitigative approach to provide a safe workplace, which promotes the health of all employees as we look to drive real actions to attain our zero-injuries goal. 

Mental health is just as important as physical wellbeing at McCormick. That is why we created our Caring Conversations initiative, encouraging conversations between employees and their managers. We have found that by equipping managers with the right tools and recourse, they were able to connect, better understand and support employees individually while also gaining broader insights about what they needed. We’ve also taken steps to promote wellness globally, recognizing that each region will have its own priorities and recourses that best match the people in those areas. McCormick locations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa host Free Fruit Wednesdays to provide employees with healthy snack options and celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week each year.

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Nutrition and Health

McCormick is committed to producing and distributing high-quality, nutritious products for use by our consumers across the world. Our continued innovation is driven forward by the McCormick Science Institute (“MSI”), which funds research partnerships with leading research institutions and universities to study the potential health benefits of culinary herbs and spices.

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