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How We Address Our Industry’s Pressing ESG Issues

Our approach to sustainability is rooted in our long history of delivering industry-leading financial performance while doing what’s right for people, the communities where we live, work, and source and the planet we all share. McCormick has prioritized sustainability topics through a comprehensive materiality assessment with a wide variety of external stakeholders, and number of employees. 

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Environment and Planet

At McCormick, we’re committed to reducing the environmental impact of our collective operations, starting in our supply chain, continuing through our operations and going beyond our organization. Our environmental sustainability targets are aligned with the global UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we are reinforcing our commitments to sustainable sourcing, climate change solutions and environmental compliance.







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Social, People and Communities

At our core, McCormick’s purpose and promise is the Power of People. We impact thousands of lives every day for the better, from providing healthy and nutritious products to consumers around the world, to actively listening and supporting the needs of our global teams. 

Through our expansive supply chain, we source over 14,000 raw materials from more than 85 countries, and we are committed to giving back to the communities where we live, work and operate, and increasing the resilience of farming communities where we source our iconic raw materials.

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Governance and Approach to Reporting

We fully recognize the importance of governance and oversight in driving our Purpose-led Performance and broader business strategy forward. With Purpose-led Performance embedded in all aspects of our organization and business practices, we have dedicated teams who drive forward our oversight of People, Communities, and Planet. Our Purpose-led Performance report outlines our efforts and performance related to sustainability under these three focus areas. 




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