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Grown for Good-McCormick Sustainable Sourcing Standard
McCormick Grown for Good Logo

McCormick's Grown for Good Standard

As a global leader in flavor, McCormick's commitments promote continuous improvement of sustainable sourcing of herbs and spices. To underscore our commitment to sustainable sourcing, we developed Grown for Good. Our third-party verified sustainability standard goes beyond the industry norms to drive community resilience, including economic stability for farmers, gender equality and women’s empowerment, as well as biodiversity conservation and regenerative farming practices.


Woman farmer; gender equality in supply chain

Ethical and Safe Supply Chains

Our goal is to ensure all raw materials processed at the supplier-level promote ethical and fair labor practices, gender equality, and the health and safety of workers. 

Regenerative Productive Systems-Hands holding soil

Regenerative Production Systems

We strive to restore the soil on farms where our raw materials are grown, for the benefits of the people living on those lands, the industry, and the planet. We are also focused on maintaining water sources in water-constrained areas to allow future generations to farm and to have access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

Agricultural Practices; Farmer Planting tree

Resilient Communities

Our vision is to improve agricultural practices for our farming communities so that we can increase household income, provide access to healthcare and education, and have full visibility to women's contributions within our supply chain. 

McCormick Grown for Good

Learn more about how our program is directly impacting farmers in various countries.

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