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Consumer Testing

Learn how to join McCormick’s consumer testing program

We count on consumer taste buds to develop our flavor products. That includes your taste buds. If you’re interested in joining our testing program, read on to see how easy and fun it is.

What’s it like to be a consumer taste tester?

You may be asked to sample a range of foods, snacks and beverages—during tasting sessions in the day or the evening—at our Hunt Valley, Maryland, location or from your home. You’ll be paid, of course. How much depends on the type and duration of the taste test, and you can participate up to four times per year.

How does McCormick consumer testing work?

We pick consumers from our database who meet the demographic requirements for the product we’re testing. If you’re chosen, you’ll receive an email inviting you to answer a few questions about an upcoming test. After you answer them, our system will let you know whether or not you qualify for that test.

When do we test and how often?

We conduct tests Monday through Friday during day and evening hours. You can join the fun up to four times per year, once every three months. Once you participate in a test, you will not be eligible to be called for the next three months.

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Testing Center Directions

202 Wight Avenue
Hunt Valley, MD 21031