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Creating Positive Outcomes for People, Communities and Society

We believe in the Power of People. Our people-first culture means we work to make a meaningful impact for all our employees as well as for the communities where we live, work, operate and source. We’re building resilience in all aspects of our business and investing in others’ wellbeing for years to come.

Family of farmers

Farmer Livelihoods

McCormick is deeply engaged with the farming communities where our ingredients are grown. These strong ties allow us to improve the reliability and environmental impact of our business while supporting farming communities and their livelihoods.

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Social People and Communities

Our Employees

The development and wellness of our global employees are critical components of how we do business, and these efforts are part of how we measure success.

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McCormick employees

A Culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

McCormick is committed to a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture and to building that culture in ways that bring tangible, positive outcomes for our employees and partners all over the world.

Roasted Potatos

Nutrition, Health and Food Safety

McCormick is committed to producing and distributing high-quality, nutritious products for use by our consumers across the world, driven by the McCormick Science Institute’s research partnerships with leading research institutions and universities across North America and Europe.

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female farmer

Empowering Women

We’re committed to helping women thrive in the workplace and across our broader supply chain. We’re driving resilience and seeing measurable differences in increased skills and capacity, greater income, more access to financial services, education, and better nutrition and health outcomes.

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two female farmers

Human Rights

As a global leader in flavor, McCormick recognizes the important role we play in protecting those who work within our supply chain. McCormick has significantly strengthened our commitments to Human Rights in recent years, culminating in the adoption of a new Global Human Rights Policy.

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charity event

Philanthropy and Donations

From the Power of People comes the Power of Giving. McCormick and our approximately 14,000 global employees embody a spirit of giving and volunteerism, which serves as the backbone of the Company’s charitable efforts to support thriving, healthy communities where we live, work and operate.

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