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Continued Commitment to Improvement

In our 2017 Purpose-led Performance Progress Report, we outlined a series of commitments and clear Purpose-led Performance Goals, which align with and support the UN SDGs. Our Purpose-led Performance approach recognizes that sustainability is a journey, allowing us to continuously build on our success and raise our ambitions as our business and operating landscapes change.

UN SDG Goals

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Alignment

To demonstrate stakeholder transparency, we have formally contextualized our commitment to the UN SDGs directly supported by our Purpose-led Performance goals.

hands holding grains

No Poverty

McCormick has a long legacy of supporting communities where we live, work and source. This includes training farmers to improve agricultural practices in ways that will increase income.

McCormick employee at meal-packing event

Zero Hunger

We aim to increase resilience of 90% of smallholder farmers that grow our key herbs and spices. We also aim to have 80% of our global employees participating in our main corporate giving initiative, the Power of Giving, which includes supporting organizations addressing food insecurity. 


Good Health and Wellbeing

We have various initiatives to promote employee health and have set the goal of having 80% of employees participating in voluntary health and wellbeing programs.

school students

Quality Education

We are intent on achieving inclusive and quality education for all, evident through our extensive training and development offerings for employees. We have also funded multiple education initiatives in the countries from which we source our raw materials.

McCormick employees

Gender Equality

McCormick is proud to demonstrate our commitment to gender equality through women's empowerment initiatives and tangible corporate goals like having 50% of women in leadership positions globally.

hands holding water

Clean Water and Sanitation

We partner with third-party experts to identify opportunities to reduce our water use at targeted facilities around the world. We have also funded clean water and sanitation initiatives in many of the communities from which we source.

Clean Energy

Affordable and Clean Energy

McCormick is aggressively pursuing the use of clean energy throughout our operations. In 2021, we joined the leading global corporations committed to limiting climate warming to 1.5℃ by 2030 and to achieving Net Zero by 2050.

Work Growth

Decent Work and Economic Growth

McCormick has been recognized as a UN Global Compact LEAD Company for our ongoing commitment to the UN Global Compact and its Ten Principles for responsible business.

woman farmer

Reduced Inequalities

Our goal is to have women in 50% of leadership positions globally and ethnically diverse talent (EDT) in 30% of leadership positions in the U.S. And we are committed to reducing inequality in the farming communities where we operate.

McCormick Peterborough Site in Haddenham, UK

Sustainable Cities and Communities

McCormick has completed four LEED Certification projects to help us use resources more efficiently, waste less and reduce our impact on the planet.

hands holding plants

Responsible Consumption and Production

Our goals include a reduction of our Scope 3 emissions, including those from packaging and 100% circular plastics packaging (reused, recycled or repurposed).

sunrise over field

Climate Action

A core piece of our sustainability work is addressing climate change with numerous initiatives underway across our organization and raising our ambition with 1.5℃-aligned targets and Net Zero by 2050 in support of the UN Global Compact Action Platform.


Life on Land

Under Grown for Good we also take measures to reduce water use, improve soil health, avoid habitat degradation and optimize energy efficiency where possible.