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We understand that you value the privacy of your personal information. You may have certain rights regarding your personal information, subject to local law, as described in our privacy notice available here. This page provides you with information about how to exercise those rights. You can learn more about how we use your personal information and protect your privacy by reviewing our privacy notice.


We do not share your name, email address, or phone number with third parties for their own use. Sometimes we share certain other personal information with third parties in exchange for receiving insights about consumer interests, assistance with the delivery of advertising or marketing communications, or other services. That information may include device identifiers, cookie numbers, website usage data, and other information. The disclosure of such information may in certain circumstances be considered a ‘sale,’ ‘sharing,’ or ‘targeted advertising’ under applicable laws. You may have certain rights, subject to local law, to opt out of these disclosures.

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Our Other Digital Services

To opt out of other potential ‘sales’ or ‘sharing’ of your personal information under applicable laws (or to exercise other rights as described in our privacy notice), please contact us by clicking here to complete our online request form (or, if you have an online account with us, adjust your account settings). We will use the personal information you provide in order to process your request.

After you take the steps described above, please note that you may continue to see advertising regarding our products and services. We may deliver advertising to a general audience or place advertising on websites and other platforms that relate to our advertisements. And you may continue to see ads based on information that we disclosed prior to you taking any of the steps above.


McCormick collects personal information, such as account usernames and passwords, that may be deemed sensitive under applicable laws. We collect this information only as necessary and use it to provide products or services you request, as described in our privacy notice available here. To California residents: We use and disclose sensitive personal information only for purposes expressly permitted under California law and therefore the ‘right to limit’ does not apply to our processing.