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Nutrition, Health and food safety

McCormick is committed to producing and distributing high-quality, nutritious products for use by our consumers across the world. 

McFONA employees

Acquiring Nutrition and Health Opportunities

As a global leader in flavor, our focus on creating products to enable healthier lives has led us to acquire companies that further our nutrition and health goals, including the iconic French’s®, Cholula® and Frank’s RedHot® brands. Frank’s RedHot® Sauce uses clean ingredients and inspires social interactions as consumers share among family and friends.

We also acquired FONA International, a leading manufacturer of clean and natural flavors. The integration of FONA’s highly complementary portfolio into our business has provided our customers with an even more comprehensive product offering to meet the growing demand for clean and flavorful eating and nutrition experiences. Clean labels are not a trend, but rather a movement that’s here to stay, so we’re intent on delivering our customers a clean, complete flavor solution through our FONA brand.


About the McCormick Science Institute (MSI)

Studies funded by the MSI evaluate the health benefits of our herbs and spices. The Institute, an independent research-driven organization, supports scientific research and disseminates information on these health benefits to stakeholders.

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Transparency is a core pillar of our focus on nutrition and health. Our goal is to empower consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions to drive better health outcomes. Consumers are increasingly interested in what goes into their food and where its sourced, and we are firmly committed to increasing the transparency of our products.


Transparency Goals

In 2021, we revised our product transparency goal to better promote consumer health as demonstrated by our newly stated goal: 90% of our sales are from products that enable health, nutrition or natural consumer choices. We will track and report a detailed breakdown by additives once we complete a holistic review across our entire portfolio against these criteria.

Food Safety

Since our beginning in 1889, quality has been paramount. Our founder, Willoughby M. McCormick, coined the motto "Make the best, someone will buy it." This is the earliest mention of a philosophy and guiding principle for our Company. McCormick is committed to product integrity–providing high-quality products, with world-class food safety standards, which are in full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements in the markets in which they are sold. This obligation is captured in our "Taste You Trust" principle.

The Five Pillars of "Taste You Trust"

  1. Quality, Safety and Compliance by Design
  2. Sourcing Excellence
  3. Insight and Influence
  4. Everyday Great Execution
  5. People 

At McCormick, we know that delivering on this commitment will ensure we satisfy the expectations of our consumers and our customers. This is the accountability all McCormick employees, regardless of role, demonstrated every day through their behaviors and the standard we expect from our entire value chain. Our exacting standards start in the communities around the world from which we source and continue all the way until our flavors reach the table.