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Empowering Women in our Supply Chain

We are committed to helping women thrive across our broader supply chain. We measure increased farmer resilience through increased skills and capacity, greater income, more access to financial services, education and better nutrition and health outcomes. Under this goal, we’re also piloting an integrated global approach to gender equality and women’s economic empowerment in our farming communities.

Empowering Women

Women play a critical role in agricultural supply chains, yet often have unequal access to opportunities, assets and resources. Women are disproportionately affected by poverty, which in turn affects their levels of hunger, health and access to clean water and sanitation. However, research has shown that when women have control of their income, it is more likely to be spent on healthcare, improved nutrition for their children and investments in their child’s education.

Uplifting Communities with CARE

Since 2018, we have partnered with CARE Impact Partners (“CIP”), a division of CARE International that supports companies in building resilient enterprises and delivering social impact, to map the roles of women in the farming communities from which we source. These analyses reinforced our belief that women are involved in every aspect of herbs and spices cultivation, while also maintaining responsibility for the majority of unpaid work such as childcare and household chores. It was clear that opportunities existed for programming to address the gender imbalance; however, the challenge remained of how to measure the impact these initiatives would have on women’s empowerment.

CIP and McCormick have developed and launched the McCormick Women’s Empowerment Framework (“M-WEF”). Our approach is simple:

  1. Assess the level of women’s empowerment in key sourcing communities
  2. Design programming to address the opportunities to reduce inequality
  3. Continuously track the level of women’s empowerment within the community, adjusting programming as needed

Women’s Empowerment in Action

The M-WEF baseline is being rolled out across our key supply chains, starting with our iconic raw materials. While deploying M-WEF, we are engaging with our suppliers to run projects focused on improving women’s resiliency and that of their communities.

farmer on tractor

Empowering Women in Turkey

In 2022, McCormick conducted the baseline survey for the McCormick Women’s Empowerment Framework (M-WEF) in the oregano-growing regions of Turkey, through an independent third-party. It was clear that the women surveyed considered themselves farmers, however the division of tasks appeared to be gendered. To address the gender-gap, McCormick worked with a local oregano supplier partner to design and implement a women’s empowerment program.


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new water filtration system

Access to Safe Drinking Water

Since launching our Grown for Good framework, tens of thousands of agricultural household members have been positively impacted by community resiliency programs, such as clean drinking water initiatives in Vietnam, where black pepper is grown. Phan Thi Hang (pictured) is the Chair of the Ea Tan Women’s Union and, along with around 200 members of her village, benefitted from a new water filtration system.


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