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Our Commitment to Communities

McCormick is committed to doing what’s right for the communities where we live, work, operate and source. 

women communities


For years, McCormick has worked to build resilience and improve livelihoods in farming communities where our ingredients are grown. In turn, we continue to demonstrate progress toward reaching our smallholder farmer resilience goal through a wide range of globe-spanning initiatives. As a result, we’re proud to say we’ve helped increase the resilience of over 44,500 smallholder farmers who grow our iconic herbs and spices while strengthening our supply chain during times of volatility and uncertainty around the world.

Commitments to communities include increasing resilience and improving livelihoods of communities and smallholder farmers—especially women, Increase employee volunteering and giving through corporate programs. Goals include increase resilience of 90% of smallholder farmers that grow our key iconic herbs and spices, as measured by increasing skills and capacity, income, access to financial services, education, and nutrition and health by 2025, 80% of global employees participating in Power of Giving globally by 2025