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Developing our Employees

As a people-first culture, we encourage employee development in many ways. We aim for every day to provide challenging and diverse work opportunities, a drive to innovate, and the chance for our workforce to continuously learn and broaden their skill set. Our focus on learning and growing together manifests through a clear strategy with ambitious goals, transparent communication of priorities, and a focus on building future leaders.

group of employees being trained

Our first Development Week was launched in 2023, underscoring our commitment to personal and professional growth. McCormick fosters a partnership approach to development, encouraging employees to take ownership of their growth while providing support through stretch assignments, coaching, and training resources. 

McCormick University and Leadership Academy were introduced in 2022 and strengthened our commitment to employee education and development. Our educational tools promote a culture of coaching and feedback, and facilitate inclusive leadership training opportunities. We recognize the significance of nurturing an inclusive leadership culture, essential for attracting and retaining top talent. Conscious of the increasing need of developing functional skills, functions such as Supply Chain or Quality are also making available more technical training through Functional Academies. As we strive to become a leading global learning organization for employee and leadership development, we are committed to delivering agile and flexible learning opportunities customized to individual needs and career stages.

Multiple Management Board (MMB)

Multiple Management Board (MMB)

Multiple Management Board (MMB) is McCormick’s signature leadership program, designed to be the cornerstone of leadership and cultural development at the organization. Participants develop skills through action-related projects which substantially contribute to the business. Cohorts are set at local, regional and global level, providing all professional and managerial employees with the opportunity to participate. The program provides valuable exposure to senior leadership in addition to peer-networking, expanding business knowledge and developing skills in project management, communications, leadership and teamwork.
















early career interns

Early Career Programs

Our Internship or Apprentice Programs enable the organization to develop a future talent pipeline of entry-level employees in different countries. The program provides hands-on training and professional development in a global environment, and in turn we benefit from diverse perspectives and innovative thinking. In the U.S., we aim for around half of our interns to join McCormick once they have completed their studies. 

McCormick Graduate Programs provide the opportunity for recently graduated students to build their career across different functions within the business. Typically, programs run for two years during which time participants rotate between multiple departments. The programs aim to build broad expertise across the business, to strengthen our capability in a range of areas and provide varied and dynamic early careers.

employees ignite

Ignite Program

As part of our suite of leadership development initiatives, our Ignite program examines the obstacles that employees face in the workplace and helps cultivate an inclusive culture where all employees can thrive, for their benefit as well as the Company’s. Ignite supports high-performing talent in developing themselves to contribute more to the long-term growth of the business.