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Purpose-Led Performance May 15, 2024

Terri Spearing: Fighting Wildlife Extinction in Australia

Terri Spearing - Zoos Victoria


For nearly 24 years, Terri Spearing, a merchandiser based at our operations in Melbourne, Australia, has volunteered with Zoos Victoria, a world-leading zoo-based conservation organization dedicated to fighting wildlife extinction. Her dedication and enthusiasm resulted in her receiving McCormick’s 2022 Community Service Award and a $25,000 USD donation for the organization.
Terri Spearing - Zoos Victoria

Terri is passionate about wildlife, sustainability, natural places, and the environment, and through her volunteer role she helps connect visitors with nature through the Zoos Victoria culture program. She showcases various aspects of running the zoo and caring for animals, including the importance of encouraging natural animal behavior through enrichment. “My favorite role at the zoo is creating and constructing animal enrichment items,” said Terri. Enrichment items help animals maintain natural behaviors and stimulation.

Terri was one of five finalists invited to McCormick’s global headquarters in Hunt Valley, Maryland to attend an event honoring their service to their communities. Criteria for selection included the nature of the nominee’s volunteer activity, the magnitude of their impact on the organization and the community, the nominee’s time and effort expended as well as length of service with the charitable organization. Finalists Catherine Haigh (UK), Malgorzata Antczak (Poland), Shaohui He (China) and Valeria Camera (Italy) each received a $5,000 USD donation to their voluntary organization.

In Australia, Zoos Victoria held an event for Terri and McCormick representatives to thank them for the winning $25,000 USD donation. “The donation equates to McCormick becoming a Conservation Partner at Hero level status.” Terri explained, “It provides Zoos Victoria funds to commence work on the Werribee Open Range Zoo Grassland Earless Dragon Fighting Extinction Species Facility.” The Victorian Grassland Earless Dragon has recently been rediscovered in a small number after thought to be extinct for the past 54 years. McCormick is proud to support Terri and the Zoos Victoria team on this vital work, and we look forward to discovering the inspiring stories of next year’s finalists.

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