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Goals and Progress

We’re excited to share the progress we’ve made towards our goals, which clearly demonstrates our continued focus on advancing sustainability. While we’re proud of our accomplishments, we recognize sustainability is a journey and there’s always work to be done. As such, we hold ourselves accountable to continuous improvement through a series of goals, organized by People, Communities and Planet pillars, to ensure an all-encompassing impact.


We have a global database for all our PLP goals, which expands our ability to review project status by region, priority and start and end dates. The database also helps us create global and regional dashboard reports, which track project priorities, status, complexity and monthly progress, in addition to a Roadmap Report, which identifies annual targets towards our goals, tracks progress and risks, and is used by our PLP Council in global decision-making.

People Goals

We believe in our people. Standing together with our employees, we strive to create a great place to work that is engaging and rewarding. The development and wellness of our 13,000 global employees are critical components of how we do business and these efforts are part of how we measure success.

Commitments to people include champion equality through an inclusive culture which reflects our global customer base, Educate and develop employees, Drive better health outcomes. Goals include 50% of leadership positions globally held by women by 2025, 30% of leadership positions in the U.S. held by ethnically diverse talent (EDT) by 2025, 95% of management and professional employees globally with active development goals in the Human Relations Information System (HRIS) by 2025, 50% increase in number of McCormick Science Institute citations in professional literature by 2025, 100% of employees have access to health & wellbeing programs by 2025, 90% of sales in America and EMEA from products that enable health, nutrition, or natural consumer choices

Communities Goals

McCormick’s commitment to doing what’s right extends from individuals to entire communities, including those we serve and, just as importantly, those from which we source. McCormick has long worked to steadily build resilience and improve livelihoods in the farming communities where our ingredients are grown, as evidenced by our achievement of our smallholder farmer resilience goal and a wide range of globe-spanning initiatives.

Commitments to communities include increasing resilience and improving livelihoods of communities and smallholder farmers—especially women, Increase employee volunteering and giving through corporate programs. Goals include increase resilience of 90% of smallholder farmers that grow our key iconic herbs and spices, as measured by increasing skills and capacity, income, access to financial services, education, and nutrition and health by 2025, 80% of global employees participating in Power of Giving globally by 2025

Planet Goals

McCormick’s commitments extend to the planet we all share, starting in our supply chain, continuing throughout our operations, and going beyond our organization.

Commitments to the planet include increase the use of branded, sustainably sourced herbs and spices, reduce GHG emissions, reduce water use, solid waste recycling, reduce packaging carbon footprint through the lifecycle. Goals include source all herbs and spices sustainably, beginning with the top five branded iconic ingredients (black pepper, cinnamon, oregano, red pepper and vanilla) by 2025, 42% absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 & 2) from our facilities to be met by 2030, 42% absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 3) to be met by 2030, 25% reduction in water use from our facilities to be met by 2030 85% recycling and recovery of solid waste from our facilities to be met by 2030, 100% of plastics packaging that can be reused, recycled or repurposed by 2030