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Life at McCormick July 02, 2024

Driving Efficiency and Sustainability: Quanxing Huang’s Impact at McCormick China

Quanxing Huang, Supply Chain Associate Director at McCormick China


Quanxing Huang is currently the Supply Chain Associate Director at McCormick China. He began his career with McCormick in 1996 and has a proven track record of excellence, as seen by multiple promotions and diverse responsibilities held throughout his nearly 30-year tenure in Supply Chain.

Quanxing deeply appreciates McCormick's corporate culture and shared values, which provide him with a strong sense of belonging and help him realize his self-worth at work. The profound and far-reaching impact of McCormick's values is apparent, as previous colleagues have even contacted Quanxing for collaboration opportunities because of McCormick’s strong reputation, which makes Quanxing feel proud.

Quanxing is glad to be colleagues with a team as dedicated as he is, he shares a story about the resiliency of Guangzhou Supply Chain Operations team. One day in 2020, when weather caused operational challenges, the entire team worked together to ensure production was not interrupted, illustrating determination and teamwork.

Quanxing has witnessed the rapid development and transformation of the company, and he has navigated many challenges and changes in his career. Each job change has presented new opportunities and challenges that have enabled him to continue learning and growing. In April 2023, he experienced another major career milestone when he was appointed to Supply Chain Associate Director in China, overseeing warehousing, logistics, and procurement planning for the three factories in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Wuhan.

In his new role, Quanxing and his team successfully implemented a series of cost-reduction measures to support the company's sustainable development. Since assuming the new post, he has also led two significant projects: the transfer of the processing plant's production line and the relocation of the new warehouse in Shanghai. The successful execution of these projects not only enhances the company's operational efficiency but also lays a solid foundation for future growth.

Quanxing says he will remain enthusiastic and dedicated toward his work at McCormick, working collaboratively with colleagues to support each other and jointly promote the company's sustainable development.

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