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Purpose-Led Performance May 17, 2024

Empowering Women in our Supply Chain Function

McCormick employees - women in supply chain


The Women in Supply Chain (WiSC) program was launched in 2021, with the purpose of tapping into an underutilized market and supporting inclusion. The first Peer-to-Peer Connection program launched in EMEA in 2023, providing a forum for women to engage with peers, discuss experiences, and share diverse perspectives.

Talia Oozeer, Plant Director at our Haddenham, UK site, co-chairs the WiSC EMEA Program.

Talia Oozeer, Plant Director McCormick

“It’s important to create a space for a group that is underrepresented where you can exchange ideas in a safe environment.”

- Talia Oozeer, Plant Director, Haddenham, UK


The first Peer-to-Peer cohort met regularly throughout the year to share best practices and discuss topics such as networking and emotional intelligence. The initiative acknowledged from the start that it was important to include men in the conversation, including one of the co-chairs who is male, and as the women became more confident, they began to share their own stories more broadly. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to understand what needs to be done to retain talent.” said Talia.

In October, Talia participated in a panel discussion at the LEAD Network (Leading Executives Advancing Diversity) annual conference, focused on end-to-end diversity in supply chain. It afforded her the chance to glean insights into the strategies employed by others to enhance our initiatives as well as make others familiar with McCormick.

“It is very important for the industry to know how great McCormick is,” explained Talia. “McCormick is a fantastic company that is offering support to employees and is actually walking the talk.”

Another takeaway for Talia was the discussion around diversity within diversity, and the different experiences that women can have. “It's not only about gender, there are many women with different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.” said Talia. Insights from the conference will support the evolution of WiSC initiatives.

The WiSC program was expanded to the Americas region and we are optimistic that it will provide professional support for many more women in the organization. Talia’s hope is for the model to be replicated throughout the corporation, providing a safe space for every employee to be completely authentic and develop confidence in steering their professional advancement.

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