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Life at McCormick May 10, 2024

Mother's Day: Lessons Learned from Motherhood

Mother's Day

As any mother or caregiver knows, the dedication, patience, and problem-solving skills learned in parenthood equip moms with invaluable assets in any workplace setting. This Mother's Day, McCormick and our Women's International Network (WIN) Employee Ambassador Group are excited to celebrate the remarkable mothers who effortlessly blend their rewarding roles as caretakers and professionals.

To kick off the Mother's Day celebration, we asked employees to answer one of two questions: 

  1. What lessons have you learned from parenting that you've found applicable or beneficial in navigating challenges or leading teams at work?
  2. Can you share examples of skills or wisdom passed down by your mom that you've found particularly valuable in your career? 

Their heartwarming answers are below. Thank you to all our employees who took the time to send a response. Happy Mother's Day! 

  1. Kristen Pittman, Site HR Director, North America: “Children, in their innocence, often offer fresh insights and reveal things that adults may overlook with their honest but simplified perspective. Similarly, in a team setting, every individual brings their unique background, experiences, and viewpoints to the table. Actively listening and seeking to understand their perspective not only fosters a culture of respect and inclusivity but also enriches decision-making processes by considering diverse perspectives.”
  3. Masego Modisane, Sales Administrative Assistant, McCormick South Africa: “As a mother to two beautiful children, I have come to understand that no child is identical to their sibling, and every individual has varying personalities. This is also true in the workplace, where no employee behaves in the same manner. A leader and co-worker should treat everyone equally, regardless of their traits or talents. Understanding the needs of children and employees is crucial for leadership. The prescription for success is patience, clear communication, understanding, assertiveness, empathy, collaboration, balance, determination, energy, and support."
  5. LaToya Superville, Senior Director, North America Innovation: "Always seek to understand and meet them where they are. Assuming everyone is experiencing everything the way you are or has the same understanding is a barrier to building connection."
  7. Michela Mastrosimone, Junior Finance Analyst for McCormick Flavour Solutions at McCormick Italy: “From parenting, I learned that there are many difficult moments. When I became a mother, I passed on to my daughters the education I received, but I often listened to them too because society has changed and on many occasions, I have adapted to their requests. A parent also learns from their children.”
  9. Silvia Baglioni, Director R&D Specialty Flavours & Ingredients APAC: "I learned to accept that no one needs to be good at everything and that it’s OK to ask for help. Everyone brings something different, leveraging individual skills that, together, make up an excellent family or team."
  11. Valeria Camera, HSE System Manager for Giotti in McCormick Italy: "Unfortunately, I am not a parent but a present, passionate, and in-love aunt. What I carry with me as my mother's teachings, I hope one day to be able to pass on to my niece. Giving value to work, to any type of work, to be carried out day after day with passion, correctness, and professionalism. Sharing successes and failures with the people around us, always giving priority to the people who work next to us. I have these values rooted in me that I always carry with me, hoping to be always a good example for my niece.”
  13. Isabel Santillan, QA Manager, McCormick Mexico: "The lesson I have learned from leading my work team as a mom is that a workgroup is like sons and daughters: each one of them has their own personality, their own vision of things, their own style, and their own goals. I am there to support them, to give them feedback, empower them, and help them to fulfill their dreams, and above all, to enjoy the art of being a mother and leader."
  15. Letizia Lupini, Site Quality Manager, McCormick Italy: "Motherhood develops empathy, helping you to improve and build positive relationships. Time management, focusing on strategic priorities and optimizing productive hours, and the ability to react positively to the unexpected, are very important both at work and childcare.”
  17. Pamela Garcia, Food Technologist Senior, McCormick Mexico: “Motherhood gives you the strength to move on even when you are afraid.”

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