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Life at McCormick July 26, 2023

Irene Yang, Associate Director, Finance, says McCormick’s Inclusive Culture is Why She Joined the Company

Irene Yang


Irene Yang, Associate Director, Finance, is responsible for financial accounting, treasury and taxation in China and the Asia-Pacific Zone. She joined McCormick as Finance Controller at McCormick China in 2018.

Before 2008, Irene defined herself as a "workaholic.” But when her daughter entered primary school, Irene decided to leave the workplace and become a stay-at-home mother. When her daughter was older, Irene decided to return to the workplace and continue pursuing her dream of being a financial expert. A seven-year career gap became the biggest obstacle for her to return to the workplace. But interviewing with McCormick helped her regain a lot of confidence.

“Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is an important part of McCormick culture and participating in McCormick’s interview process was the first time I truly felt its existence. It was the inclusive culture that gave me the opportunity to join McCormick,” said Irene. 

During the interview, Irene’s supervisor told her that leaving the workforce does not mean Irene doesn’t have a strong work ethic, and McCormick would be hiring based on expertise, sense of responsibility, communication skills, and the ability to work with a team. This inclusive environment was the reason Irene wanted to join McCormick.

Over the last five years, Irene has rapidly progressed her career. As the Associate Director, Finance, Irene has led and participated in many projects. For her, every time she completes a project, she grows professionally and personally. "I will never stop moving forward. With great enthusiasm, I will work with my financial partners to lay the most solid foundation for McCormick's future development," Irene said.

Work is important, but she believes enjoying life is equally important. Traveling and raising pets are Irene’s biggest hobbies outside of work, and she loves meeting with her friends to relieve stress and share delicious food from all over China. Irene says, “As a McCormick employee, how can you refuse to try different flavors like the saltiness of the north, the sweetness of the south, the sourness of the east, and the spiciness of the west.” 

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