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Life at McCormick January 30, 2023

Flavor the Moment Event Inspires Employees to Be Flavor Ambassadors

Flavor the Moment event photos


In December, McCormick's Consumer & Market Insight Team hosted "Flavor the Moment” in our Global Headquarters. This unique, interactive event engaged our employees in how we all experience flavor. The event was designed to inspire all McCormick employees to embrace a “flavor first” mindset and become passionate Flavor Ambassadors for our company.

The event used immersive, hands-on activities to illustrate McCormick’s Consumer Flavor Framework, which helps simplify the complex concept of flavor and gives us all a common language for talking about flavor.

Nearly 300 McCormick employees took part in the event over the course of three days, including members of McCormick’s Operating Committee. Participants had the opportunity to:

  • See their brain on flavor using an EEG headset – which illustrated how flavor is a whole-brain experience that takes place before, during, and after eating something
  • Find out if they are a Super Taster – and it turns out McCormick’s employee base reflects the general population, with approximately 25% of participants being Super Tasters - including our CEO!
  • Test their sense of smell to see if they could identify five flavors by scent alone – very few participants were able to get all five - nice job Culinary Team!
Participants shared numerous ideas on how we can lead with Flavor across all consumer touchpoints such as:
  • Scratch & Sniff feature on labels - especially spice blends - to help set flavor expectations for consumers before they buy a product
  • A product line for parents to help them introduce their kids to unique flavors at a young age, which would allow McCormick to be part of peoples’ flavor personalities very early on
  • A flavor personality trait quiz on our website that suggests different spices for a consumer to try based on their personality profile

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success, and to everyone who took time to participate!

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