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Life at McCormick April 21, 2022

Learn About the Founders of the Women's International Network in McCormick Mexico

Founders of WIN Mexico - Azucena Domínguez and Mónica García


As McCormick continues to champion equality and remain committed to the education, development, and wellbeing of our employees, Mónica and Azucena, employees at McCormick Pesa in Mexico, also known as McPesa, continue to feel empowered to advocate for women’s causes and transform the landscape in which we work and live. Mónica and Azucena recently launched the Women’s International Network (WIN) Mexico Employee Ambassador Group (EAG), a supportive network for women to come together to promote inclusiveness, strengthen communities, learn new skills, and network with colleagues. 


 Mónica García, a Senior Food Technologist, has been with the company for nearly nine years. With 21 years of experience in Research & Development (R&D) of food ingredients, as well as a brief stint in Sales, Mónica now leads one of our R&D teams. “I enjoy working in R&D because it is incredibly active; every day is different, and I get to develop amazing new seasonings,” Mónica explained. “We also have the opportunity to learn and advance at every level within the company.” Mónica has known that she wanted to work in the food and flavor sectors since high school. “It was then that I discovered my passion for food science, which I have since grown to love,” explained Mónica.


Azucena Domínguez, a Sensory & Consumer Insights Evaluation Supervisor at McPesa, has been with the company for five years. When she began her career 16 years ago, sensory science was a completely new realm to her as a Chemical Engineer, but she quickly realized that she was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn about it. “Now, I’m passionate about sensory science, and I spend a lot of time reading about it and even attempting to enhance my understanding by obtaining the Davis Sensory Science Certification,” she added. Programs like the UC Davis Sensory Science Certification, through the University of California, help individuals like Azucena expand their knowledge of sensory science.


The Women’s International Network Launches at McPesa


 Since it was founded one and a half years ago, WIN Mexico has experienced great success to promote women and stay top of mind for all employees throughout the year. From the beginning, WIN Mexico has hosted impactful events, one of which was a roundtable discussion, where five female leaders discussed and defined the ‘glass ceiling,’ gender equity within the workplace, and how they’ve persevered through any gender-based discrimination throughout their career. The session was a success, attracting more than 120 employees who participated.


Another notable event presented by WIN Mexico was a chat, where the goal for employees was to have a conversation about why it’s vital for women to support and empower one another.  “We wanted to have an event where we could come together and unite as employees, but also as women, as important human beings in this world,” Azucena explained.


The WIN Mexico team continues to sponsor other events but has also made other contributions to the McPesa community, including a quarterly newsletter and another monthly communication to keep employees informed. These communications serve as a tool to develop employees, as many contain information about professional development, inspirational quotes, as well as important news about the contributions being made by women.  Mónica explained, “One of my favorite communications we sent out to employees recently was this presentation called, ‘Do it Like a Girl,” which featured Olympic updates and how women, including athletes, are no longer sticking to the standard and doing what makes them feel comfortable and happy.”


Aspirations for the Future


 Looking forward, WIN Mexico is keeping McCormick’s Purpose-led Performance goals in mind as they do their part to help increase representation of women in leadership positions globally by providing tools and resources to aid professional growth to women within the network.


Mónica explained, “This year, we’ll have ‘leaning circles,” where we can be open and express emotions, and will also share tools to help grow and prepare women for their next professional roles.” They will also be piloting a mentorship program pairing women in Director-level roles with those who are more junior. Although WIN’s focus is on promoting women, the group will also facilitate sessions on masculinity, how to deconstruct it, and provide information on allyship for men. “We always encourage our male colleagues to attend all of our programs so that they can learn more about women and better understand them,” Azucena explained. WIN Mexico is also planning to volunteer activities with a non-profit organization called Read With You. Through this partnership, WIN Mexico members will record themselves reading books that are intended to inspire and educate hospitalized children and teach them that women, like men, can accomplish their goals.


As McCormick continues its efforts to support and advance women in the workplace, employees like Mónica and Azucena are grateful to work for a company that allows them to launch supportive women’s networks such as WIN Mexico. Mónica explained, “I admire McCormick’s ‘Power of People’ principle because it demonstrates the company’s commitment to its employees – and its genuine concern for diversity, gender equity, and inclusion. I also consider McCormick to be more than just a spice company; in addition to caring and valuing its employee’s ideas, the company places a high priority on the sustainability of our communities, which is equally important to me.”


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