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Our Commitment September 27, 2023

McCormick's Safety Measures Guarantee Great Flavor and the Highest Quality

McCormick Quality and Safety; Taste You Trust


For more than 130 years, we've been at your table helping you make great-tasting meals. Flavor is at the heart of everything we do. That's why we go through extraordinary lengths to ensure our products not only taste great but maintain high quality and safety measures.  

Our flavor journey starts at the source of our ingredients and continues every step of the way until it reaches your table. We source whole ingredients, whenever possible, which mitigates the chance for adulteration. Our unwavering commitment to our Taste you Trust® principle means we go above and beyond to assure safety, that our spices and herbs are cleaned naturally and free of chemicals, and to significantly reduce exposure to a broad range of contaminants like heavy metals – making our spices, herbs, seasonings and flavors the highest quality. 

A recent lawsuit (one of many similar suits against various food companies) raised concerns about the level of heavy metals in McCormick products, citing an article published nearly two years ago that was based on faulty methodology. A court recently dismissed the lawsuit, and the article that serves as the basis of the lawsuit noted that it was based on a "spot check of the market and cannot be used to draw definitive conclusions about brands." As always, McCormick’s products remain safe and healthy to consume. 

We've made it a priority to know where our ingredients come from – their source locations, growing practices, and harvesting and drying methods. McCormick minimizes risk and ensures safety by leveraging our industry leading traceability capabilities, as well as our expertise in sourcing from farmers and suppliers that adhere to Good Agricultural Practices. We work with our strategic suppliers to grow ingredients picked at the peak of freshness during optimal harvest time, carefully handled to preserve taste, and prepared and packaged to ensure consistent flavor every time.

McCormick is committed to product integrity, and we are proud to be the Taste you Trust®.


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