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Employee Ambassador Groups

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As a global flavor company, we are in pursuit of authentic and rich experiences. This starts with enabling people to bring their authentic self to work to share what inspires them. The unique perspectives our employees bring to every part of our business allows us to innovate and deliver for our global consumer base.

Our Employee Ambassador Groups (EAGs) provide an opportunity for all employees at every level of the Company to join as members or allies and actively participate in learning workshops and cultural activities in an open environment. These groups provide a supportive, collaborative space for employees to come together to promote inclusion, strengthen communities, learn new skills, advance in the workplace and network with colleagues across the Company.
Our EAGs include the Black Employee Ambassadors at McCormick (BEAM), Abled and Disabled Associates Partnering Together (ADAPT), Asian Diversity Group (ADG), Seasoned Ambassador Group of Experience (SAGE), Sabor Latino (SaLa), PRISM (a group for LGBTQ+ employees or allies), U.S. Veterans, McCormick Young Professionals (McYP) and Women's International Network (WIN). Each of these EAGs act as an integral part of our culture. 

For example, the U.S. Veterans’ Employee Ambassador Group has been critical in helping McCormick build an external presence as a military-friendly employer at a national level in the U.S. This group has worked very closely with the Talent Acquisition team to help attract veterans to the Company, as well an onboard new hires who are military veterans. Many of our EAGs leverage external partnerships to gain insights, drive thought leadership and develop and recruit employees.


Employee Engagement

We engage our Employee Ambassador Groups to provide feedback on policies and practices that are being considered for implementation, which has led to a number of innovative suggestions such as flexible work arrangements, technology, and solutions for both child and elder care challenges. McCormick continues to invest in our people to ensure a culture of wellbeing among all employees.