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Operational Waste

McCormick's waste management goal seeks to recycle and recover 85% of solid waste from our facilities by 2030. We are making progress toward our goal by diverting waste through recycling streams and by composting food waste. Waste management draws on the logistical expertise of our staff to design site specific plans to manage waste appropriately for individual geographies and municipal waste systems.


Operational Waste

In 2023, our global teams achieved a recycle or recover rate of approximately 69%. Operational waste management is unique to each site, and may integrate strategies such as reuse, waste diversion and circular products.

Our Monteux, France factory identified several opportunities to recycle operational waste in 2023. One of the most challenging materials to recycle is the glassine strips sheet that labels are stuck onto as part of the packaging. To account for this, we identified a vendor that would recycle the strips, and PET liners which were otherwise sent to the landfill. This program increased the site’s recycling rate by 10%. Additionally, we partnered with a new supplier to process our finished goods waste to produce biogas. At our office locations, sustainability champions are encouraging employees to reduce waste. A team of Waste Warriors at our Palmwoods, Australia, office set up “Cash for Cans” bins to recycle empty bottles and cans, which are generating funds for a local school.