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2021 Purpose-led Performance Report

Our 2021 Purpose-led Performance Progress Report outlines our legacy, approach and commitment to doing what’s right for people, communities where we live, work and source and the planet we all share.


Dedicated to Improving the World Around Us

How we perform as a company is directly related to how we operate as global citizens.

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Grown for Good

Grown for Good is McCormick’s framework for sustainably sourcing herbs and spices. It encompasses our vision for an ethical and sustainable supply chain from field to facility.

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McCormick believes in the Power of People and continually works to ensure all employees feel valued and respected. When we nourish the people who touch our business, we thrive.




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McCormick is committed to doing what’s right for communities, with a strong focus on those we serve and those from which we source.





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McCormick’s dedication to people and communities naturally extends to the planet we all share, starting in our supply chain, continuing throughout our operations, and going beyond our organization.



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At McCormick, we’re excited to turn our goals for global responsibility and supplier diversity into action–and we have clear guidelines to help us do it.

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