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Flavor Leadership April 23, 2019

Seeking Tomorrow’s Flavors Today

With the launch of our second Flavor Forecast flavor focus of the year, we’re also thrilled to introduce you to this year’s flavor seekers! On a quest for the hottest trends in flavor, Lo Bosworth and Kristen Kish dove into the second trend of 2019: Mexicana Vegana. 

Mexicana Vegana (Mexican Vegan) focuses on the growing global popularity of both Mexican cuisine and vegan diets. Through our exploration of Mexicana Vegana, the traditional taste, texture, and appeal of authentic Mexican dishes and desserts remain while using simple swaps to cut out the meat and dairy to make them vegan.

Today's consumers, particularly Millennials, increasingly prefer dishes that are healthier and that are better for the environment, but don't want to feel like they're sacrificing their favorite meals and flavors. They are also open to experimenting with different approaches to eating, many of them involving plant-based foods. Veganism not only combines the health and wellness aspects of eating a plant-based diet, but also incorporates sustainability-focused food options to promote animal welfare and a growing awareness of the ecological impacts of eating meat.

Flavor Seekers Lo Bosworth and Kristen Kish set out to find Mexican Vegana in street food from New York City to Austin, Texas. Both found new twists on traditional favorites like empanadas and street corn. These menu items have new flair with their vegan twist. The empanada was filled with beets and pumpkin, while the corn was topped with homemade lime vegan mayo – showing that you don’t need to sacrifice flavor when eating meat-free. 

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