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News and Updates January 03, 2019

New Jars Arrive on European Store Shelves

McCormick’s French brand, Ducros, has joined the United Kingdom’s brand, Schwartz, in using our newly designed and launched herb and spice packaging.

The fresh look of these jars benefits both the consumer and the environment. The transparency of the jars allows consumers to see the quality of the product, while the cap snaps shut to seal in freshness and the sieve allows flexibility in sprinkling or measuring the contents without removing the lid.

There’s even more to the design of the jar than meets the eye. The new jars were designed to reduce our overall carbon footprint. The old version of these jars weighed 12 grams more in glass and the new lids are 1 gram lighter than previous designs. In combination, these modifications reduce the lifecycle of the packaging by 7%. These carbon-cutting innovations in packaging have helped push us closer to our 2025 Purpose-led Performance goal of reducing our carbon footprint by 25% and aiming for 100% of our packaging to be recyclable or reusable.

The new Schwartz jars were first available to consumers in the UK in May of 2018. Ducros has followed suit with the first products hitting shelves throughout December. French consumers will find the same high-quality product inside with familiar, signature colors on the outside of the new bottles - green for herbs, black for pepper, orange for spices and purple for blends.

The expansion of this new packaging to Ducros is the next in line of our European portfolio of products. Other European brands, such as Margão in Portugal, Kamis in Poland and Silvo in the Netherlands, will also adopt this new packaging innovation as it aligns within their individual brand production timelines.  In working together across our European countries, this shift to new bottles marks a significant step forward in innovating our products to the benefit of our consumers and planet alike.