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Our Commitment September 21, 2018

McCormick Supports FISH

Science institutions, non-profits and corporations came together to launch a new program aimed at providing healthy, flavorful meals to underserved populations in Baltimore City. FISH, Feeding Individuals to Support Health, combines sustainable aquaculture with healthy recipes and community outreach to provide meals to those in need, educate about sustainable protein sources and demystify the creation of delicious fish-based meals.

Working in conjunction with The Institute of Marine Environmental Technology (IMET), the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), the United Way of Central Maryland and JJ McDonnell, McCormick’s Flavor for Life program provides financial support and recipes to help make this program a reality. Flavor for Life, our signature charitable giving program, aims to teach children, individuals and families how to reduce their salt, fat and sugar intake while boosting flavor using spices and herbs. With creative, healthy recipes, FISH meals are both sustainable and flavorful additions to local food banks and shelters in the Baltimore area.

For its initial launch, the FISH program donated 3,000 Mediterranean bronzini fish, grown through aquaculture processes at IMET, to food banks and shelters across the city. Fish raised using aquaculture are farmed in pristine water environments which accelerate the growth of the fish in these controlled settings while lessening the carbon footprint of food production. Researchers at IMET are testing this model through the FISH program to create dependable, sustainable farm practices to continually donate fresh fish protein to local shelters. This practice is both good for human health and the health of our environment.

It is our hope that through McCormick’s Flavor for Life program and participation in FISH, more people will be fed using this high-quality protein and learn about how to create these flavorful meals on their own using recipes designed to be delicious and nutritious.