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Life at McCormick March 09, 2021

Jennifer McMillion Brings her Passion for People and Learning to Global D&I and Beyond

Jennifer McMillion, McCormick & Company, Diversity and inclusion, D&I


As McCormick continues to incorporate the purpose of standing together for the future of flavor, into our daily lives, employees like Jennifer McMillion are also working hard for future generations by making McCormick a great place to work and by building strong communities.

Jen recently joined the Global Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) team, as Senior Manager, focusing on executing McCormick's 2025 Diverse Leadership Goals and developing the Employee Ambassador Groups (EAGs). McCormick is committed to being a place where all employees have equitable access, support, resources, and the opportunity to be successful. We outline these goals in our Purpose-led Performance Report that will help ensure that these opportunities are successfully met.

"McCormick's 2025 Diverse Leadership Goals will allow us to grow in the area of diversity and inclusion for our employees," Jen explained. "These goals will support our continued evolution toward an even more diverse workforce and allow us to maximize our internal talent as well as look into available external talent," she shared. 

Jen is especially excited to partner with the various EAGs, as they continue to provide a supportive space for employees to come together to promote inclusion, strengthen communities, build new skills, and network with colleagues. In her new role, she will be implementing an EAG planning tool to help EAG leaders and their members align initiatives and events to support their mission and objectives. This new strategic planning guide will support EAGs in the areas of workforce, work environment, and marketplace. "It is an exciting time to work with the EAGs," Jen said. "Together we can increase the recognition within the organization by collaborating on a plan of action, identifying support and resources, clarifying objectives, tracking measurable results, and sharing accomplishments," she revealed. Jen will also focus on recruiting efforts, identifying best practices, and increasing involvement with EAGs.

While Jen joined McCormick in 2014 working in corporate Learning & Development, her career actually began in the high school classroom teaching Social Science and Government. It was there that she gained a passion for the spirit of learning and witnessed student's growth from September to June. It was from the front of the classroom that she learned the value and importance of connecting with people. "Education is so much more than learning facts – it's about learning the 'why' beyond those facts," she shared. "Motivating students is a lot easier when they understand why what they are learning is important, how it will impact them, and potentially those around them," Jen stated. In every role since then, she has used the valuable skills and lessons she learned from her time teaching. 

Outside of work, Jen remains dedicated to giving back to her community to help create a better future. Jen volunteers at Marian House and another organization in Baltimore where she helps mentor women who are starting on a new path in life. "Many of the women I work with have lost their voice along the way and forgotten who they are. Once they find themselves again, they begin to realize their own self-worth and potential. Over time, they take a step further and begin to understand how improving their own lives directly impacts their children, their extended family, and their community. It's the positive ripple effect," she said.

As a volunteer in the community, Jen coaches the women by helping them identify their personal next steps and action plan to achieve their goals. For example, she coaches them on resume writing skills as well as practicing for interviews to increase their confidence. She coaches them to set achievable goals build their self-esteem, create their next forward steps, and ultimately, connect back to their community. Once again, she finds herself explaining the 'why' to build the relationships with the women to gain their trust and assist them to take action. Building a strong connection with these women makes her role as mentor much easier and the desired results much clearer.

As an active member of McCormick's Women International Network (WIN) EAG, Jen was excited to partner with Marian House as a natural alliance – women at McCormick supporting women in the Baltimore community. In addition to raising awareness, WINS's efforts have resulted in McCormick sponsoring events, donating raffle items, and purchasing Christmas gifts for residents at Marian House.

Jen's work at McCormick and the community continues to allow her to combine her passion for people with her passion for learning. She proudly stands for the future by empowering individuals so they in turn, can empower their communities.

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