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Life at McCormick November 18, 2020

Employee Ambassador Groups Give Thanks To The Manufacturing Workers Who Keep Our Business Running

Employee Ambassador Groups give thanks to our manufacturing workers; covid-19; coronavirus; essential employees mccormick & company


As McCormick continues to navigate the global COVID-19 pandemic, our frontline workers are still being asked to remain at their work sites and provide goods that are essential to our way of life.

Like so many other essential employees, these brave men and women are taking countless hours away from their loved ones to ensure that we can count on having food placed on our table every single night.

To recognize and support employees who have kept our businesses running, the Asian Diversity Group (ADG) organizers, Gabby Quintana and Susan Zheng, organized all the Employee Ambassador Groups (EAGs) to donate funds to recognize our manufacturing employees across the country.

“I was really moved by the fact that all of the EAGs came together to help make a difference in the lives of our frontline employees who have made it possible for our operations of our supply chain to continue to flow,” explained Neddy Perez, Sr. Director of Global Diversity & Inclusion. “Thanks to the leadership of Gabby and Susan in developing the initiative to executing in coordination with the other EAGs they sent a powerful message of appreciation and thankfulness for their hard work during these trying times.”

The EAGs and D&I office collectively pitched in $16,000 to provide meals, cookies, ice cream, and company memorabilia to show their appreciation and offer thanks to those on the frontlines, who are continuing to rise to the occasion during this unprecedented crisis. “The manufacturing folks are our frontline workers at McCormick during the pandemic. We wanted to show them our appreciation for showing up to work every day during times of uncertainties and that we’re all standing together,” said Susan Zheng, Manufacturing Technical Leader.

The details of what each plant site received as a token of appreciation varied, but our commitment to keep - our workers and our business - safe and successful during a challenging time remained consistent across all the locations.

“None of us are as good as all of us. I’m proud that the Diversity & Inclusion teams at McCormick got together and pulled off this incredibly complicated task,” said Gabby Quintana, Sr. Research Chef. Despite the distance between all the manufacturing and distribution sites in the US, the incredible and passionate people of McCormick D&I got the job done. They made sure that everyone, in all shifts, every single person who worked at our frontlines got the thanks they deserved.”

Although the coronavirus pandemic has upended life for nearly everyone, our current frontline heroes remain selfless and display a sense of compassion that deserves our upmost gratitude. So, please join us in continuing to thank our frontline workers because without them our success would be impossible!

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