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News and Updates June 25, 2020

“To Stand Together for the Future of Flavor:” The Meaning Behind McCormick’s Purpose Statement


Our Purpose: To Stand Together for the Future of Flavor

Our Vision: A World United by Flavor—where healthy, sustainable, and delicious go hand in hand.

Having a purpose is important. McCormick's Purpose and Vision statements demonstrate our organizational values – beyond our desire to be a global leader in flavor. It’s our way of showing what makes McCormick different and where we focus our energy and attention to drive action.

Why we need to stand together for the future of flavor. Over time, we’ve learned that the flavor we create has a much wider impact on people, communities and the planet we serve. We recognize that employees, our communities, customers, and consumers alike want delicious, healthy, sustainably-sourced food and we work hard to inspire healthy choices – to benefit our health and the planet – and deliver more than just great flavor. We advocate for the use of flavor through our iconic herbs and spices to create flavorful, healthy meals and happier lives. We also work to sustainably source our iconic ingredients, making sure that we protect flavor in the future. Our research, combined with our approach to enable healthy eating, shapes the way we build and promote our products. If we don't protect flavor, we risk our health and our planet.

We are determined to protect flavor. Because of climate change; farmers, farming communities and the crops they grow are at risk – jeopardizing the flavors we use to create the best products. To protect the future of flavor, we partner with these communities to provide the resources they need to thrive for generations to come. Additionally, we use innovative technology to inventory herbs and spices on the ground, making sure there's enough flavor for the future. We source the highest quality ingredients with the best flavors sustainably, not only to provide flavor but to conserve the planet.

This isn’t new for McCormick – we’ve been living this purpose all along and our actions are a testament to what we stand for. Our purpose is not just to sell our flavorful products, but to focus on the needs of all our stakeholders, growing value for both our business and the world. We’re continuously finding ways to improve lives.

The impact on employees. We know that McCormick employees want to work for a company that shares their values and beliefs – a company that can and does make a difference around the world. As a global leader in flavor, we know that the flavor we create has the potential to improve lives, bring people together, and better the world – all McCormick employees play an important role in making that happen. McCormick’s passion for flavor has brought people together across the table and across the world for over 130 years, igniting shared experiences and shared purpose. We know flavor is foundational to our food and our future. What’s more is that we believe flavor has untapped potential to enhance our health, our communities, and our planet. 

It’s time to focus on what brings us together.  With our global supply chain and broad product portfolio, we have opportunities every day to engage with the communities we touch to make a difference for tomorrow.  Let’s all commit to stand together for the future of flavor and create a world united by flavor—where healthy, sustainable, and delicious go hand in hand.

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