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Life at McCormick May 13, 2019

Volunteer Spotlight: Robin Burgos

Robin Burgos, an HR Business Partner focused on Research and Development, brought her passion for volunteer work to McCormick when she joined the company two years ago. Her personal motto is “to whom much is given, much is required” and it is this which drives her continued path of service. From speaking with community members about our Flavor for Life program, to representing McCormick at outreach events, Robin takes extra time to connect with others and share her passion for the company and wellness. 

Through her work with Flavor for Life, Robin has put action to its core mission, which is to reduce the use of salt without sacrificing flavor by incorporating spices and herbs into recipes. Robin said that the most impactful experiences are with typically underserved communities where she introduces a new product or technique with a community member and that opens their eyes to other healthy possibilities in their own lives. 

At the events where she volunteers, including a recent program sponsored by her sorority, she also acts as an ambassador for the company. Given her professional background in HR, Robin loves talking to event attendees about positions, the company culture, and how they too could work for McCormick one day. 

Every time someone Robin encounters gets excited about a new product or the company she becomes even more motivated to give of her time and expertise to advance the mission of Flavor for Life and McCormick as a whole. She’s endlessly passionate about wanting to help people overcome personal and professional challenges – and through her volunteer work she is able to both, often simultaneously.