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McCormick & Company COVID-19 coronavirus employee response

McCormick's COVID-19 Employee Response

Our Approach:

With over 12,000 employees at our company, the designation of food as essential and the need to globally align on our approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, McCormick’s Management Committee, led by our Chairman, President and CEO Lawrence Kurzius established three priorities for the business:  

1. Ensure the health and safety of all employees and the quality and integrity of our products.

2. Ensure the continuity of our business by keeping our brands and our customer's brands in supply. 

3. Ensure McCormick emerges stronger as a company from the pandemic.

Employee Health and Safety Measures:  

  • Self- Evaluation and virus awareness information for early symptom identification issued and implemented
  • Prevention recommendations and requirements for Masks, Physical Distancing and Personal Hygiene issued and implemented
  • On-site temperature screening implemented
  • Facility specific safety protocols established and implemented
  • Personal Protective Equipment issued for Office, R&D, Distribution and Manufacturing employees
  • Large gatherings cancelled or moved to virtual formats
  • International and Domestic Travel restrictions implemented
  • Track and Tracing as well as employee notification policies established and implemented
  • Dedicated and confidential coronavirus email established for reporting concerns
  • External employee website and internal intranet portal and SharePoint sites established to house  the most up to date guidance, resources, tools and access to support
  • Frequently Asked Questions and guidance issued to employees
  • Remote work flexibility encouraged and issued for employees who are able to work remotely and not required to come on site in order to perform their job
  • Shifts in all locations are being managed to ensure physical distancing and all health and safety protocols have been implemented
  • Additional emphasis and communication regarding mental and physical health resources provided
  • Confidential COVID-19 surveys conducted for employee feedback 

Additional Onsite Workforce Benefits*: 

  • Premium pay established through early July for essential workers unable to work remotely
  • Flexible leave time extended in the U.S. to care for dependents
  • Additional financial support provided to maintain pay if operations were suspended

Employee Flexibility (Remote Working Policies): 

  • Employees with the ability to work remotely were strongly encouraged to do so and were supported with enhanced technology tools, online training opportunities and equipment for virtual communications.

Note: *The specifics of workforce benefits varied by geography