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Notícias November 15, 2018

The Lights of Diwali Around the World

Over the past few weeks, McCormick locations around the globe have taken part in celebrations for Diwali. Diwali, the traditional Hindu festival of lights, was infused into our office locations in vibrant and educational ways. 

Diwali is typically celebrated over five days in late October or early November, depending on when the Hindu lunisolar month of Kartika falls. The festival signifies the triumph of good over evil in the Hindu faith and is celebrated by other religions of South Asian origin like Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism. Events are marked with fireworks, rangolis, which are colorful patterns made of rice and tinted powders, traditional food and time spent with family and friends. 

At the McCormick India facility, Diwali is a part of a larger celebration called Jashan. The event is held at a local hotel where employees take part in dance, fashion and theatre shows for their colleagues. Employees of all levels and functions take part in the fun – with special performances and video challenges from leadership team members to managers walking in the fashion shows. 

The occasion was also celebrated at the new Global Headquarters in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Diwali was celebrated with a special lunchtime presentation from our Asian Diversity Group Employee Ambassador Group (EAG). Members of the EAG helped employees affix temporary tattoos under a temple-like light display in the company cafeteria. Over a special lunch of traditional Indian food, employees gathered to hear about the history and importance of Diwali and then watched a professional Bharatanatyam dance performance.

Celebrations like Diwali help connect our global traditions and employees worldwide. The events in India and the United States were as beautiful as they were educational – bringing our global company a little closer together in the festivities.