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Novedades February 01, 2019

Meet the New Flavor Forecast

Flavor Forecast is now a year-round, always on platform bringing consumers the latest and newest in flavor 24/7. With the launch of a video series, podcast episodes and social content, Flavor Forecast has transformed from a once-yearly report to a daily flavor conversation inspiration with global influence.

To achieve this, McCormick’s Flavor Forecast team has partnered with some of the hottest thought leaders in food, culture and innovation to help showcase new tastes and their own immersive experiences. Throughout the year, they will travel to destinations around the world to report on flavor discovery through their unique lenses, capturing imagery, video and perspectives on the future of flavor.

This new iteration of Flavor Forecast aims to be more immersive and collaborative. We want to encourage consumers to get creative with the trends and share their perspective alongside our flavor experts. Using the new social feeds, Flavor Forecast wants you to join our collective journey into different cultures, regions and the flavors found therein.

We’ve kicked off a year of flavor insights with seeds as the first flavor focus highlighted across these new channels! Chefs, bloggers, home cooks and adventurous eaters alike are using seeds in exciting ways. Whether it’s a twist on the staple sesame seed or basil seeds as the new chia – the possibilities are endless when it comes to seeds. Seeds are food, fuel and flavor, and they give us texture, taste and wholesome goodness that makes both sweet and savory dishes pop.

Follow along with Flavor Forecast on Instagram and at FlavorForecast.com for the latest trends and flavor topics!