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Life at McCormick abril 26, 2019

Volunteer Month Spotlight: Larry Lichter

Larry Lichter, Vice President of Global Quality and Food Safety at McCormick has lived in the Baltimore area for his entire life. He’s worked with McCormick for more than 29 years and while he’s worked with many different segments of the business and with an international focus, he never lost the sense of responsibility he feels to serve his local community. 

Larry, alongside his wife Mira and his daughters, Sophie and Danielle, mark each Thanksgiving with an act of service. For the past six years, they have teamed up with other families to serve a hot meal and pass out food and clothing donations to pass out to homeless men, women and children in Baltimore City on the morning of Thanksgiving. His children have inspired their friends and others to help serve alongside the families, so the event continues to grow each year. Larry said that starting the day of Thanksgiving with an act of local service really makes him grateful for what his family has and even more thankful to be able to share it with others. 

Throughout the year, Larry and his family also volunteer at Paul’s Place – an establishment in Baltimore that helps provide meals, educational services, tutoring, job interview clothing for those who need it. Additionally, Larry connects his McCormick colleagues to other service opportunities that match their interests. Whether it may be a STEM-related presentation for students, or rallying colleagues to donate to local charities, Larry believes that giving back where you live and work is paramount. He cares deeply for the Baltimore community and strives to recruit others to serve alongside him wherever possible.