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Direct Participation in Our Company’s Success

Our employees—and their diverse perspectives—drive our success. Employees are encouraged to seek development opportunities that are right for both them and our business. We can only thrive if we grow together.

At McCormick, professional and personal growth happens all the time.

It comes from our commitment to empowering our employees to think collaboratively, to communicate with different levels and departments and to gain a thorough understanding of our company and industry.


Participative Management

A pioneer in employee participation

Charles P. McCormick established the Multiple Management Board (MMB) back in 1932. This participative management philosophy was cutting-edge at that time and has proven to be a best practice, so we still employ it today. Our 13 local boards, three regional boards and global board are the embodiment of this philosophy and demonstrate our spirit of inclusion.

Opportunities for growth and success

The MMB gives participants the opportunity to work with company leaders to solve some of our toughest business challenges. The MMB experience provides employees with developmental opportunities, expands their internal professional networks, and provides a deeper understanding of our business. MMB membership is also rewarded with extra pay and extra vacation time.

Learning Solutions

Our learning solutions empower effective global collaboration, are strategically and culturally aligned, and are delivered by global providers for local adaptation.

Learning, Development and Leadership

Through the Global Leadership Program, Global Learning Network, and High Performance Organization, we’ve continued to put the idea of participative management into action. We offer employees resources and courses that develop job and career skills.

Advocacy and Affiliation Through EAGs

Employee Ambassador Groups give all employees a forum to communicate, collaborate and contribute to the company. EAGs help us reach our business goals while advancing our diversity mission—one way we harness the power of people to succeed.

Current employee ambassador groups (EAGs)

We sponsor and are committed to the following EAGs, with more in development:

Why Work at McCormick?

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