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News and Updates January 08, 2019

Taking the Message on the Road: Sabor Latino Visits Brand Aromatics

When members of our Employee Ambassador Group (EAG) Sabor Latino, or SaLa, learned of the large number of Latino employees working at Brand Aromatics, the group planned a road trip to New Jersey to introduce themselves and the group's purpose to the employees as well as share the power of McCormick's EAG community.

The trip was planned for the same day the facility celebrated Diversity and Inclusion Day. The trio of employees who ventured to Brand Aromatics all serve in leadership positions within SaLa and have worked with HR to identify offices and facilities with a large or growing Latin American workforce to share information about SaLa.

The group said the road trip took about three hours, allowing them to arrive just in time for lunch with 30 to 40 employees. Over a potluck featuring foods from around the world and food trucks outside, members of SaLa’s leadership gave a short introduction of themselves, the work and mission of SaLa and the purpose of EAGs. 

Even though the meeting was casual, they used the format to their advantage by moving around the cafeteria table to table, talking to employees individually or in small groups, answering questions and encouraging workers to consider joining EAGs as another benefit of working at McCormick.

On the drive back, the trio talked about the experience and agreed they would like to visit more McCormick sites and perhaps partner with other EAGs in their outreach. They are currently planning trips to McCormick facilities in Dallas, Salinas and even Mojave Foods.

All our EAGs seek to foster cross-functional camaraderie and better working relationships across the global reach of McCormick. While regional in their current state, groups like SaLa seek to broaden their influence and membership across our global facilities. With social, professional development and mentoring opportunities, EAGs are more than a group of employees. They seek to empower of coworkers and bolster our business from the inside out – and with fun, exciting and impactful experiences for all involved.