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Life at McCormick October 08, 2018

Sibling Spotlight: Judy Moxey and Donna Wildt

Judy Moxey and Donna Wildt’s family connection to McCormick spans a century and generations. The two sisters were born and raised in Baltimore in a family of seven children and where their grandmother, Catherine Greeley, was the first of their family to work for the company. In the 1920s, she was one of many women who tied strings on McCormick’s famous tea bags.  

While Judy and Donna’s paths to McCormick differed from their grandmother’s, they are both proud employees today. Judy was the first of her siblings to start with McCormick when our headquarters was still located in the original Light Street building. Judy worked for the company for three years and then chose to take time off to raise her children and work with her husband on their residential painting business. Ten years later, McCormick welcomed her back in a new role and years after that her sister Donna started a new position with the company as well! Donna had worked for a variety of companies prior to joining McCormick and when a position opened, she jumped at the opportunity to work alongside her sister at a company she admired and respected. The tradition of women in their family working for the company even reached the most recent generation when Donna’s daughter, Bridget recently interned for McCormick as well!

Judy and Donna both work in similar capacities as administrators within their respective sales, marketing and procurement departments. Their close relationship has served them both well throughout their time at McCormick – for if one doesn’t know the answer to a question or who to contact for information, it’s likely that the other sister has a solution for her and is just a phone call away.

Now both Judy and Donna are in McCormick’s new Global Headquarters building. Previously, they worked in separate buildings, so they’re looking forward to having lunch together more frequently in the new space, while maintaining their flexible work schedules. For generations of women in Judy and Donna’s family, McCormick has served as a place of stable employment and growth – offering opportunities to develop closer bonds between the women and positively impact our business. We thank them and their family for their continued dedication to McCormick at all levels!