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Life at McCormick July 03, 2019

Employee Spotlight - Laurel Eierman

Laurel Eierman is just a few weeks away from retirement, but she doesn’t see this upcoming milestone as the end of her ties to McCormick. It couldn’t be, really. For one thing, she met her wife at McCormick back in 2008. And beyond that pretty significant personal bond, Laurel intends to continue being part of the McCormick family in other ways, even as a retiree. 

“Who knows? Maybe I’ll see you at Hershey park next year,” she says, referring to the annual company-sponsored outing to the famous theme park. “One thing I’m certain of, McCormick will remain a part of me wherever I go.”

In her role as HR Business Partner for the Global Enablement department in North America, Laurel has had the opportunity to work globally across many regions, helping to drive a business transformation that she says will secure our place in the market for decades to come. “That’s exciting for us as employees,” she says.

Laurel also serves as the membership chair for the Prism Employee Ambassador Group (EAG), which has been instrumental in raising McCormick’s profile on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Corporate Equality Index, the national benchmarking tool for corporate policies and practices. She’s proud that Prism has already helped McCormick achieve a score of 90, with the clear goal of getting to 100 in the near future.

The broader aim of these efforts is to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive work environment, and as an engaged EAG member, Laurel has actively contributed to that purpose. 

“Now that we have our own EAG, we’re able to partner with like-minded individuals to ensure that the LGBTQ community has a voice at the table,” she says. “We, along with our allies, make sure that all employees know they are part of a welcoming and inclusive organization where the contributions of each and every individual are valued and respected.”

Looking back on her time at McCormick, Laurel says she has many happy memories. Some of those memories are obviously tied to her personal journey, but others reflect the many ways in which McCormick employees come together every day to achieve a common purpose. 

“Our culture, both at corporate headquarters and around the world, is absolutely second to none,” she says, articulating what every McCormick employee has experienced one way or another. “Even at the most challenging of times, we can count on one another to deliver.”