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Take a closer look at our commitment to healthy choices, exceptional quality and unsurpassed flavour.


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    McCormick China celebrated #YearoftheRat with an annual party, which included vibrant performances from employees. Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate.

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    McCormick's Asian Diversity Group hosted a dumpling-making party to celebrate Chinese New Year (the year of the rat) at our Global Headquarters. Dumplings, which are shaped like ancient silver and gold ingots, symbolize wealth in the new year. #ChineseNewYear

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    Purpose-led Performance has been part of our culture since the beginning. Our industry-leading financial performance is driven by a commitment to do what’s right. We take responsibility for the vitality of our people, communities and planet. Learn more: https://t.co/0BvB6CqgAy

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    Our thoughts are with McCormick Australia employees during bushfire season. To support disaster relief, we're donating stock to @FoodbankAus, $10,000 to each @WWF_Australia and @RedCrossAU, and matching $1 for $1 contributions from employees. Thank you for your support.


    McCormick is proud to launch our 2019 Purpose-led Performance Report, which reflects our work to improve the health and well-being of all people; build vibrant communities where we live, work and source; and make a positive impact on the planet. Learn more https://t.co/vY3YAvufCe

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    McCormick is honored to be ranked #22 on the 2020 @CorporateKnight Global 100 Sustainability Index and remain #1 in Food Products Industry. We firmly believe that how we perform as a company is directly related to how we operate as global citizens: https://t.co/3roE3oxcXG

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