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Corporate Governance

What Guides Us

The company’s Business Ethics Policy, embodied in the following standards, declares that McCormick employees conduct business under the leadership of their Chief Executive Officer who is subject to the oversight and direction of a Board of Directors. We are open and honest in business dealings both inside and outside the company.

We serve our customers, consumers, suppliers, and communities in accordance with the highest standards of business ethics.

The following standards of conduct will be enforced at all organizational levels. Anyone who violates them will be subject to prompt disciplinary action, which may include dismissal for cause. 

Our Political Activity

McCormick has a legacy of involvement in the communities in which our employees live and work. Read more about our Political Activity Philosophy here.

Our Board of Directors Committees

McCormick & Company is driven to serve our customers, consumers, suppliers and communities in accordance with the highest standards guided by of Board of Director Committees. Read more about the description and charters of McCormick Board of Director Committees here.