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Red Pepper's Journey From Field to Table

Quality Leadership

McCormick sources premium quality whole spices and herbs straight from the farms, fields and hills where they’re grown—like the Southeast region of India, where the climate and soil are ideal for growing the highest quality red pepper. That's where farmers harvest the plants—at the peak of freshness—that will become McCormick’s pure red pepper products.

Before they're sun-dried, each pepper is carefully sorted and graded, ensuring only the best are selected. Random samples of each field’s harvest are mixed thoroughly, labeled, and sent to a lab to ensure a premium, consistent product.

The dried red peppers are cleaned with a proprietary steam technology that is natural and chemical-free—then bagged and shipped to a cold storage facility to preserve quality. Each bag of peppers is rigorously tested for proper moisture levels and—if it passes the test—labeled with tracking data that identifies the exact field where it was harvested.

Now the peppers are ready to be ground or crushed. McCormick's red pepper flakes never contains fillers that can lead to inconsistent heat levels, overall flavor, color or quality. Finally, the ground or crushed red peppers are carefully packaged and shipped overseas.

Watch the video below for a look at red pepper’s journey from field to table.