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McCormick Releases 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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SPARKS, Md., Oct. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- McCormick & Company, Incorporated, a global leader in flavor, today released its 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, building on the company's rich legacy of responsible business practices.  The report covers McCormick's progress over the past four years and sets measureable goals for the future. 

"Corporate Social Responsibility has been an important part of our culture for our entire 126 year history. We are pleased with the progress of our social and environmental programs and continue to work diligently across our global operations to drive positive change," said Alan Wilson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. With the support of over 10,000 employees worldwide, McCormick made significant progress across several critical impact areas.  The newly released CSR report highlights stronger engagement with agricultural suppliers, a reduction in waste sent to landfills, increased funding for research studying the nutritional benefits of herbs and spices, a reduction in the rate of safety incidents in global operations and an increase in the diversity of its workforce.

The company will continue to push its CSR agenda to the next level with ambitious goals set for 2019.  The strategic focus and future reporting efforts will concentrate on seven Tier 1 social, environmental and economic issues that are material to McCormick and its stakeholders.  They include product safety, occupational safety and health, diversity and inclusion, environmental management systems, supply chain risk assessment, farmer livelihoods and supplier engagement.

As the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of spices, seasonings, and condiments, success depends on McCormick's ability to source key agricultural products from a diverse group of countries around the world.  The company's product quality and safety standards are unsurpassed in the industry but the complex nature of a global supply chain requires strong partnerships and new approaches that ensure the purity of products sourced.  Supply chain goals for 2019 include managing risk by identifying 100% of suppliers with high risk profiles and enrolling them into the Sustainable Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) program which allows the company to closely evaluate their business practices.  The company also announced plans to increase funding for farming community programs by 50%.   

From converting a coal fired boiler plant to natural gas and reducing GHG emissions by 54%, to installing solar panels at locations in France, McCormick is focused on continually improving environmental impacts for the company and its partners by ensuring that they meet all regulatory requirements and are closely aligned with international best practices.  Goals for 2019 include continued reductions in electricity usage, water usage, CHG emissions, solid waste and packaging materials at its facilities around the globe.

With brands that reach more than 135 countries and territories, McCormick aims to have a workforce that represents the diverse cultures of its consumer base worldwide.  Its commitment to diversity and inclusion is supported through career development, a Global Executive Steering Committee and a network of Employee Ambassador Groups.  For 2019, goals include a commitment to further increasing workforce diversity with a particular focus on increasing the proportion of people of color in leadership positions in the U.S., and women in leadership positions globally.  The company also expects to achieve a 3% reduction in workplace injuries across its manufacturing facilities globally. 

McCormick's CSR efforts also include educating consumers and employees on the role flavor has in healthier eating, leading the industry regarding transparency in product labeling for GMOs, and supporting communities through employee volunteerism and charitable giving.

Learn more about McCormick's CSR activities and goals for 2019 by reading the full report: