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An American original inspired by homemade.

In 1996, Kitchen Basics was the first to introduce ready-to-use cooking stocks and we’ve been perfecting them ever since. We craft our mouth-watering “liquid gold” naturally by slowly simmering the finest quality McCormick Gourmet herbs and spices with beef, veal, turkey, chicken, seafood and vegetables to infuse it with layers of hearty flavor.

Try Kitchen Basics stock in any one of these wholesome varieties:

Chicken • Beef • Vegetable • Turkey • Seafood • Veal • Unsalted Chicken • Unsalted Beef


A key ingredient and a healthy one

Kitchen Basics stock is a flavorful substitute for broth and an essential ingredient for your favorite soups, sauces, pastas, marinades and vegetables. And it’s produced with less sodium.

Certified by the American Heart Association

Our stock is certified by the AHA to be low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Plus it’s all natural, gluten-free and there’s no MSG added.

New family member

Kitchen Basics became part of the McCormick family of products in 2011.