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Fresh Herbs At Your Fingertips.

Founded in the late 1980’s, two Australian brothers (and food scientists), frustrated with the short life of culinary herbs, develop the ‘Eva Fresh’ technology which extends the natural shelf life of fresh herbs, without the need of heat treatment or acidification. Leveraging changing technology and additional partners, Gourmet Garden makes its debut on supermarket shelves in its native Australia in 1998.

A brand that started with 10 varieties of stir-in herb and spices paste grew to include other seasonings and a lightly dried herbs product line that has revolutionized cooking across the globe. 

Gourmet Garden

Innovator in Freshness

Gourmet Garden’s innovative line of lightly dried herbs, stir-in paste and seasonings gives users the appearance, flavor and aroma of fresh herbs but without the waste. Home cooks can use the brand's array of herbs and spices for several weeks instead of just a few days like with traditional, fresh herbs.

Lightly Dried

Lightly Dried, one of Gourmet Garden’s signature products, is the closest thing to fresh for food lovers. Consumers can expect to enjoy the product line which include basil, ginger, coriander, chilli, parsley and mixed herbs for as long as four weeks.

What We’re Made Of

Founded in Australia, Gourmet Garden, consists of organically grown herbs that have been washed, chopped and prepped within 18 hours of harvesting. The herbs are grown with no preservatives or pesticides.